Getting Started with Flamingo nXt 5®

First tutorials

To access the Flamingo control panel

  • On the Flamingo nXt 5 menu, click Control Panel.

The Flamingo nXt Control Panel

The Flamingo nXt Control Panel provides tabs for setting up the model for rendering, including:

Rendering Basics

Rendering your finished model comprises four basic steps:

  • Set up materials
  • Set up lighting
  • Set up an environment
  • Set up rendering conditions

To start a rendering

  • On the Render menu, click Render. - Or -
  • On the Standard toolbar, click the Render button.

Stop Rendering

By default, the rendering process will continue refining the image, pass by pass, until you click the Stop Rendering images/stop.png button. This allows you to manage the trade-off between time and quality. The longer you allow the rendering to continue, the more closely it will resemble its fully converged "correct" result. You can stop a rendering at any time.

Use the Number of passes or Time settings on the Render Window or in Document Properties > Flamingo nXt to set an automatic stopping point.