images/flamingotab.svg Getting Started with Flamingo nXt®

Flamingo nXt creates high quality, photorealistic, still, and animation image files from 3-D models inside Rhinoceros ®. Flamingo nXt 5 is an update to Flamingo which integrates with the built-in rendering features in Rhino 5.

Download and install Flamingo from the Flamingo nXt 5 Download.

If you own a Flamingo nXt 3.0 license, please visit here to get a free upgrade license.

You can join the technical discussion on the Flamingo Discourse Forum.


Rhino 5 64-bit Service Release 13 is required to run Flamingo nXt 5. After downloading and running the RHI installer, start up Rhino to load Flamingo nXt 5.0.

Get the latest Flamingo here:

Help Documentation

Help documentation for Flamingo comes in a few languages:

Getting Started

On the Flamingo nXt menu, click Control Panel. The Flamingo nXt Control Panel provides tabs for setting up the model for rendering, including:

Flamingo information and support

For technical support, tutorials, examples, and information about how to get started using Flamingo nXt, go to the Flamingo nXt web site.