Preview Properties

Preview thumbnail images and the background area between thumbnail images both have context menus.

Thumbnail preview actions

images/number-onestep.gifRight-click and drag to change the view.

This does not have much affect if the preview object is a sphere, but if it is a cube, cone, or other shape, rotating the view or object shows the preview object from different viewpoints.

images/number-onestep.gifRight-click to display a context menu. images/number-onestep.gifDouble-click to display a larger preview window below the thumbnails. images/number-onestep.gifDrag the preview thumbnails to reorder the list. images/number-onestep.gifPress the onmouseover=”if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4 && typeof(BSPSPopupOnMouseOver) == ‘function’) BSPSPopupOnMouseOver(event)” onclick=”javascript:BSSCPopup(‘../Popup_Actions/Ctrl_Key.htm’);;return false” id=”a16” style=”position: relative; font-weight: normal;”>Ctrl key while dragging to duplicate a material. images/number-onestep.gifDouble-click the larger preview to open a floating window that can be resized to get a higher resolution view of the preview.

This window has all the same functionality as the original preview image including the context menu and the ability to drag and drop onto other materials or objects in the model.



Materials can use various geometry types. images/thumbnailsphere.png Sphere images/thumbnailpyramid.png Pyramid images/thumbnailcube.png Cube images/thumbnailtorus.png Torus images/thumbnailcone.png Cone images/thumbnailplane.png Plane


Environments only use the cone and sphere. images/environmentthumbnail.png Cone and sphere


Textures are displayed only as a two-dimensional, flat surface facing the camera. images/texturepreview.png


Sets the unit size for the thumbnail.


Controls the right-mouse drag object or camera rotation.

Rotate object

Right-mouse drag rotates the object.

Rotate camera

Right-mouse drag rotates the camera.

X angle

Sets the horizontal rotation angle for the object or camera.

Y angle

Sets the vertical rotation angle for the object or camera.


Controls the appearance of the thumbnail background.


The default gray environment is used. images/thumbnailbackground-001.png


A gray checkered background is used. images/thumbnailbackground-002.png


Any material or texture can be used as a custom background. images/thumbnailbackground-003.png

Save as Defaults

Saves the thumbnail properties as the default settings.

Load from Defaults

Loads the thumbnail properties from the default settings.