Transforming solids

It is much easier to model things on a flat plane than it is on an organic surface or any other 3‑D shape. Rhino has several tools that allow you to model something in a simple way and then transform it onto a surface or a curve in 3‑D space. In this chapter, we will demonstrate two commands that make this easy to accomplish—Flow and FlowAlongSrf.

Flow along surface

Morphs objects from a source surface to a target surface. eft: 0;margin-right: auto;mc-table-style: url(‘../Resources/TableStyles/CommandOptions.css’);” cellspacing=”0”>OptionsDescriptionCopy=Yes/NoSpecifies whether or not the objects that you are flowing are copied. A plus sign appears at the cursor when copy mode is on.Rigid=Yes/No Note: This option does not apply to polysurfaces and will not be displayed if polysurfaces are selected for editing.Individual objects are not deformed as they are transformed. PlaneAllows you to draw a plane instead of using an existing surface as the base object.