Creating surfaces

A Rhino surface is similar to a piece of stretchy fabric. It can take on many different shapes. Surfaces are bounded by curves called edges. To visualize the surface shape Rhino displays a grid of isoparametric curves (isocurves) on the surface. Surfaces have an area, their shape can be changed by moving control points, and they can be meshed. eft: 0;margin-right: auto;mc-table-style: url(‘../Resources/TableStyles/CommandOptions.css’);” cellspacing=”0”>ButtonCommandDescriptionimages/srfpt.pngSrfPtCreates a surface by picking three or four points in space for corners.images/edgesrf.pngEdgeSrfCreates a surface by selecting two, three, or four existing curves whose ends meet exactly.images/planarsrf.pngPlanarSrfCreates a surface from planar curves that enclose an area.images/patch.pngPatchCreates a surface that approximates a set of curves and/or point objects.images/revolve.pngRevolveRevolves a curve around an axis to create a surface.images/loft.pngLoftCreates a surface from shape curves; the normal, loose, and tight options make a surface with no creases as it passes over the shape curves.images/sweep1.pngSweep1Creates a surface from shape curves that follow along a rail curve that defines one edge of the surface.images/sweep2.pngSweep2Creates a surface from shape curves that follow along two rail curves that define two edges of the surface.images/filletsrf.pngFilletSrfCreates a fillet or round between two surfaces.images/blendsrf.pngBlendSrfMakes a smooth surface between two existing surfacesimages/revolve.pngRailRevolveRevolves a shape curve holding one end along a rail curve. This command is very useful for putting a smooth end cap on an irregularly shaped surface.images/extrudecrv.pngExtrudeCrvExtrudes a curve perpendicular to the construction plane with option to taper the surface with a draft angle.images/extrudecrvalongcrv.pngExtrudeCrvAlongCurveExtrudes a curve following along a second curve.images/extrudecrvtopoint.pngExtrudeCrvToPointExtrudes a curve to a point.images/plane.pngPlaneCreates a rectangular planar surface parallel to the construction plane from two diagonal points.images/plane3pt.pngPlane 3PointCreates a rectangular planar surface from 3 points.images/planevertical.pngPlane VerticalCreates a rectangular planar surface from 3 points that is vertical to the construction plane.