Editing Geometry

Once you create objects, you can move and edit them to produce complex and detailed variations.


Fillet connects two lines, arcs, circles, or curves extending or trimming them to touch or to join with a circular arc. Rules to follow when filleting curves:

  1. The curves must be coplanar.
  2. The created fillet is determined by picking on the curve portion to keep.
  3. The radius cannot be so large that it runs past the end of the curve. -style: url(‘../Resources/TableStyles/CommandOptions.css’);margin-left: 0;margin-right: auto;” cellspacing=”0”>Fillet OptionsDescriptionRadiusSets the fillet radius. A radius of 0 extends or trims the curves to a corner, but does not create a fillet.JoinJoins the fillet to the curves.TrimTrims the curves to the fillet arc.