images/plants.svg Plant Editor

File Pulldown


Create a new plant definition based on a template.

images/standard.png images/conifer.png images/broad.png
Standard Conifer Broad Crown
images/palm.png images/groundcover.png images/complex.png
Palm Groundcover Complex


Opens an existing tree definition.


Saves the current tree definition.

Save As

Saves the current tree definition to a different name.

Raytrace Pulldown

Renders the preview image. images/shadedvsrendered.png Default (left) and raytraced (right) view.


Start rendering the preview image.


Stop rendering the preview image.

View Pulldown

Drag with the left mouse button to rotate the view camera around the target. Drag with the right mouse button to rotate the target around the camera. Scroll with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Restore Default

Restores the default shaded view.

Show Leaves

Shows the tree preview with leaves. images/leaves-001.png Without leaves (left) and with leaves (right).

Settings pulldown

Set the units in the editor to match the working units.