images/options.svg Options Flamingo nXt

These settings apply to the Flamingo application. Making changes here changes how Flamingo runs all the time.

Specifies how the image file will be linked to materials.


Creates a link to the image file. The file must be present on the local disk.


Embeds the image information in the current file.

Linked and embedded

If the bitmap is found on the disk before rendering, the external file is used. If the image cannot be found on the disk, the internal definition will be used.

Note: To see changes in linked or linked and embedded files go to the Flamingo nXt menu, click Utilities and then click Clear bitmap cache.

Farm shared folder

The shared folder for render farm jobs. This is also the location that the farm will output its results. Use the Folder icon images/folderopen32x32.png to select a new location.

Display Tagged Lights

Use this property to Display the direction of a tagged light. This works on spot and diffuse light distributions.

Quick preview in OpenGL

This changes the material thumbnails to start with an OpenGL thumbnail before the rendered material is returned. This can lead to faster responses on material, but the OpenGL image may not be close to the actual material.

Save native history files when rendering is complete

By default Flamingo will cache the last image rendered in case there is a need to return to it in the future.