Automated rendering

Batch rendering

Batch jobs let you submit multiple jobs to be rendered automatically. A Batch job can specify a specific view, resolution and number of passes. Batch renderings can be started on a single or sent out the Render Farm. Open the Batch list and add jobs to the list. The batch jobs list will be saved in the model.

Where can I find this command?
  • Menus > Flamingo nXt 5.0 > More Tools > Batch Render

Batch Render Dialog

Start by adding a job, then edit the properties to set up batch jobs.


Each Batch job is based on a view saved in the model. Click on the Add item to select from a list of views in the model. All the other menu items will activate once a job is added and selected.


Select an existing batch job. Then use Delete to remove the job from the batch list.


Select an existing batch job, then use Properties to set the Batch Render Properties. Properties include file name, resolution, and number of passes for each job.

Move Up

Move the viewport name up in the list.

Move Down

Move the viewport name down in the list.

Batch List

Displays information about the list of views to be rendered. Double-click on an existing job to edit set the Batch Render Properties.

Rendering Status

Displays pass, scan line, and elapsed time information about the progress of the batch process.

Stop Rendering

Stops the batch process.

Render Batch Locally

Uses only the current computer to render the batch jobs. The rendered images will output to the location specified in the Batch Render Properties.

Send Batch To Farm

Sends the batch jobs to the Render Farm. The jobs will be rendered by all available Farm clients. The render images will output to the shared Farm folder.

Batch Render Properties

Viewport to render

Shows the view that this job will render. See Render tab, Viewport to render.

File name

Click the Save button images/saveimageas.png and specify a file name for the rendered image.

Alpha channel

Save the image with the Alpha Channel. See the Use alpha channel background for more details.

Use document settings

The default is to use the current document resolution settings to render. If another resolution is needed, then uncheck this box and specify a resolution. See the Render tab, Resolution topic for more details.

Rendering Constraints Passes

Set the number of passes needed to finish the batch job. See the Passes topic for more details.